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Lianyi Brand Activated Carbon 

Mindong Lianyi Group specialized in manufacture and export business of various types of activated carbon has a history of over twenty years. Being one of the leading producer and supplier in activated carbon in China. At present the corporation offers a complete range of activated carbon utilizing wooden materials, coconut shell charcoal, coal as raw materials. The corporation has wholly-owned enterpeises, professional research and development organization and has established good cooperation relationships with hundreds of domestic and foreign customers. We have won a good reputation for its highest quality "Lianyi Brand" activated carbon, excellent before-sale and after-sale services at home and abroad. "Lianyi Brand" activated carbon is commonly used in chemical industry, foot industry as well as drinking water and wastewater treatment,etc.Products manufactured by ASTM or JIS standard. *Select Raw-materials Various types of"Lianyi Brand "activated carbon made from selected quality wood, coconut shell charcoal and coal,with over twenty years of products operation and processing experience and techniques. *High Performance "Lianyi Brand" activated carbon made from excellent raw materials, with complete of types,various activation methods and marked characterteristics of excellent adsorption speed.Wide varieties of activated carbon manufactured and supplied by Mindong Lianyi Group are available to meet decolorizing and rvailable to meet declorizking and refining for various industrial chemicals, adsorption of odorous substances,catalyst carrier, removal of organic contaminants and residual ozone,recovery of precious metals, water treatment as well as purification of various raw-material gases and processed gas in manufacture and other application."Lianyi Brand"products must be suit for you. *Steady Quality "Lianyi Brand"products made from selected quality raw-materials by advanced producing equipment,test-techniques with international standards. We carry out the rigid productin management and quality control,thereby ensure that qualities keep steady and uniform.

USAGE: 1.Suitable for recovery of organic solvents as benzene, dichloroethane, ethanol, petrol etc. Its large pore volume and pore size distribution makes it highly suitable for improvement of taste and removal of odour, chlorine, ozone, micropolutant as pesticides and other dissolved organic substances. 2.Suitable for purifying gas in ferment and enzyme technologies, such as manufacture processes of antibiotics and biological pesticides. It is also used in deodorization. 3.Suitable for recovery of organic solvents as benzene, esters, ethers, acetone, carbon tetrachloride and trichloromethane. Also can be used for recovery of oils and hydrocarbon vapors. 4.Widely used for water treatment. 5.Widely used in decolorizing and purifying in food industry and purifying waste water etc. 6.Widely used for gas adsorption and solvent recovery etc.. 7.Widely used for water purification and many other purposes. 8.Widely used in decoloriziation and deodorization in food industry and other branches of industry 9.decolorization, deodorization and purification of vegetable oils and other products in foodstuff industry, purification of water and gases, products in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical industries etc 10.Widely used for injection solution & VC so on. 11.used for sugar refining process (decolorization of sugar), food and other pharmaceutical treatment 12.decolorization and purification of the oils which is used on food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical

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