XINSEN CARBON INDUSTRY CO. LTD SHAOWU FUJIAN. is a branch of MINDONG LIANYI GROUP. Its predominance products, which are wood based automotive activated carbon, wood based solvent and carried carbon, etc., have attained international level. We are the high-tech enterprise which can produce wood based columnar and granular carbon in batch production way after America in the world. The corporation has wholly-owned enterprises, professional research and development organization and has established good cooperation relationships with hundreds of domestic and foreign customers. The high quality and excellent before-sale and after-sale services have made XINSEN a reliable and successful partner to its customers. The scope of products: powdery and granular activated carbon meet decolorizing and refining for dextrose, pharmacy, monosodium glutamate, etc. industrial chemicals. Columnar and granular activated carbon for organic solvent recovery, precious metals recovery, catalytic carrier, filtrating water clarifier and inhaler etc.. Wood-based activated carbon for water purification, it is mainly applied to purifying dinking water, inebriant, beverage etc., granular coconut shell activated carbon which are unfixable model. The materials are hard coconut shell. This kind of activated carbon has the marked characteristics, they are processed of strong absorption and excellent adsorption speed and appointed that that are exempted from examinations. We also supply the transportation on commission, if you have any need please contact us without hesitance.
 Granular Activated Carbon
1.Wood-based Globe Shape Activated Carbon for Automotive Canisters
2.Wood-based Palletized Activated Carbon for Automotive Canisters
The grade has been specialty designed for gasoline vapour capture in petrol fulled vehicles evaporative loss control devices and on board vapour recovery systems with superior butane wording capacity, low flow restriction and high hardness characteristics. Provides the products for different specifications according to customer's needs.
3.Wood-based Palletized Activated Carbon For Solvent Recovery
4.Wood-based Globe Shape Activated Carbon for Solvent Recovery
The product is suited for different applications and varies of organic solvent recovery due to a large specific surface area. Its pore structure can be adjusted according to customer's need.
5.Wood-based Granular Activated Carbon
The product is well suited for decolonization, adsorption of broad pore molecule materials. The pore size and structure is controlled according to user's needs to meet the best effect.
6.Wood-based Specialty Activated Carbon For Water Treatment
The grade is used in diversity organic waster water and noble metal recovery due to its large surface area and broad pore size and structure.
7.Wood-based Granular Activated Carbon For Sugar Industry
The product is suited for decolourization , refining, purification lf diversity syrup, monosodium glutamate and giant molecule agent by acid washed.
8.Wood-based Granular Activated Carbon For The Pharmaceuticals
The product is especially designed for the pharmaceuticals, medicament with premium filtering performance, minority impurities, high adsorption. It is mainly used in refining, decolourization, removing and purification odor and pyrogen for the pharmaceuticals and medicament as well as food and chemicals etc.
9.Coconut Shell-based Activated Carbon
The product is well suitable for water treatment, gas phase, catalyst support and gold recovery utilizing superior coconut shell as raw-materials by especially activation methods. It has broad pore size and structure, high hardness, enormous adsorption capacity and speedy adsorption power.
10.Coal-based Palletized Activated Carbon This series of products are produced from materials-coal utilizing the advance technology equipment with few dust, high hardness and adsorption characteristics. They are used in water and air purification, protection, remove sulphur and odor.
11.Wood Based Powdered Activated Carbon
The products are powdered activated carbon based on high quality raw materials like wood and special sawdust, and are designedly produced by charring, activating, finely after-treating, etc. Characterized by large specific surface area, strong adsorption power, low impurity content and effective filtering ability, they are mainly used for decolorizing and purifying reagents, medicines, chemical raw materials, wines and drinks.

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